Dracula’s Angel
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Single-handedly one of the best movies I have ever watched
By will-37921 on the IMDB review page
October 30, 2019
This was the most amazing masterpiece I have ever viewed with my eyes in all of my years of living. I was hooked in the entire time by the fantastic voice acting and compelling plot. It was also a plus that this was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my entire life I was in literally tears the entire time and I would 10/10 recommend this movie to anyone that wants to laugh. Secondly, the art style was so interesting and complex it was an amazing orgasmic experience all around. I would do anything to have my mind erased so I could watch it again for the first time. In conclusion, hands down one of the best movies I have ever watched. GREAT job Bryan Beasley and Carol Carson!

Jim Vorel of Paste Magazine says:
February 28, 2018
...it was the feeling of wondrous bafflement I felt while watching the opening minutes of Dracula’s Angel. Nothing can prepare you for this, I promise you.
If anything deserves to be the mascot for the overall quality level of the Amazon library, it's Dracula’s Angel.

Highly Enjoyable Artistic Vampire Film
ByDyzanon October 2, 2017
I loved this film! I'm a die hard vampire fan and this was a very unique take on it. It was a very pleasant surprise. I do wish David would of been turned in the end and the 3 of them could rule the night as a trio. I always root for the vampires. Seeing all the negative reviews make me sad though, I suppose some people just don't appreciate good art. If there was ever another one of these done I'd be all for it.

Sims meet Dracula
ByCoil Kidon May 13, 2017
This is a very artistic movie. It is a great animation in like a new genre all its own. Sort of like the SIMs. In the beginning it seems like the animation in bad, but then as the characters take over your mind the animation also seems better and better and humorous. In the last 20 minutes or so the animation and the language is very beautiful and poetic. It never got boring to me, because it was dramatic.

By C. Woodruff on October 11, 2016
truly spectacular on every level.

By N on February 20, 2016
As others have noted in their reviews, this is not your average movie. Co-mingling here are some very contradictory elements. Hell, even the title is an oxymoron. Firstly, there is the classical, gothic, vampire romance plot. Secondly, the entire film is rendered in surrealistic computer-generated animation that will most likely appear thoroughly dated (and highly incongruous) to modern eyes. (Count on the Uncanny Valley theory coming into play here regarding the animation.) Occasionally there are moments of dialogue which are one part existentialist Euro art-house film; and one part David Lynch-esque demented Americana. The visual qualities of the animation- specifically the characters' body movements and facial expressions- may make you feel as though you are tripping on Zoloft. However, I consider this a plus. You do get used to it. Embrace it. Story-wise, the film is very straight-forward. Laura, our soon-to-be undead heroine wants Dracula, and Dracula she shall have. I greatly enjoyed the humor supplied by the supporting characters- particularly egotistical, potty-mouthed Keith and platinum-haired Bill. Keith and Bill are the 'absurd' contrasts to the stoic Laura & Dracula; who are far too preoccupied with being gloomy and in love to indulge in much frivolity. Dracula is by far the weakest character of the bunch, and feels largely absent from the action. Case in point: His 'spirit essence' (which resembles an electrified tumbleweed) becomes locked away in his vampire bride's wedding ring after he fails to realize the danger of an incoming (wooden) arrow aimed at his chest. Hubris, or stupidity? Probably both. Oh well. He CAN summon a really cool wall of squiggly fire at will. If one can accept the unusual visual presentation and pacing of the film, and embrace the strange- or embrace the wabi-sabi (the 'imperfections')- there is plenty here to be entertained by. Dracula's Angel will certainly make an impression, prompt conversation, and cause strong reactions. It is precisely the weird, contradictory, absurd interplay between all of the elements that make it fun to watch.

A triumph of the human will
By Darryl Riser on May 29, 2016
I won't lie to you, this is a challenge to watch. The pacing and animation is slow but the fact that it even exists is a tribute to the human spirit. If you've ever tried to make an animated gif for your Tumblr or animate a walk in Daz3D, imagine making that gif last 90 minutes. Imagine going through your Daz library looking for the props and outfits you need for your script and then syncing your voice to it and playing all the parts yourself. No, this is not going to win an Oscar ... but I appreciate the guys who made it and their dedication and hard work to create this movie give me hope for humanity.


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